Coronavirus Chatbot supports hospitals in Berlin

Coronavirus Chatbot supports hospitals in Berlin
DialogShift Chatbot at Vivantes Hospitals

The coronavirus pandemic has overwhelmed Europe with an incredible force. A great uncertainty has spread among the citizens. Most people find it difficult to keep an overview of the current situation and above all they are worried about their own health. People ask themselves whether they could have been infected with the virus, whether they should go to the doctor with a sore throat and fever, or where the nearest test centre is and whether it is possible to simply drop by there. The hotlines of the health authorities, doctors’ practices and clinics are overloaded, because it is difficult to find an answer to specific questions quickly on the Internet.   

Virtual helpers and their potential in times of crisis

This is where the great potential of virtual helpers such as chatbots or voice assistants comes into play. At present, there are many crisis teams in organizations that have to deal with numerous requests by e-mail or telephone and are heavily overloaded. By using chatbots 24/7 access by qualified medical teams is available to the general public, and front line staff have more time to focus on tending to patients in their care.The intelligent dialogue systems answer individual questions, thus enabling a quick and competent assessment of symptoms around the clock.

A chatbot supports the Vivantes hospitals in Berlin

The Berlin hospital group Vivantes has recognized the great support of virtual helpers and implemented a Covid-19 chatbot on their website in March 2020. The chatbot answers around 1000 questions a day – and that in several languages (German, English, Turkish, Russian and Arabic) and around the clock. Artificial intelligence, in combination with the possibility to ask questions via a chat, answers the most relevant questions about the virus, qualifies the patients by means of an expert system and gives specific recommendations for action. The result after the first weeks of use: Many people need support in assessing symptoms and ask if and where they can be tested. In addition to Corona related querries, many ask about the restrictions regarding maternity clinics or the current visit regulations. The simple and fast information transfer helps patients and relieves the hospital staff. 

 A joint project of DialogShift and PRIMO MEDICO

On the DialogShift Conversational AI platform, this project was developed within a few days in cooperation with the medical specialist PRIMO MEDICO. The big advantage is that the information can always be kept up to date. In Berlin it was important that the chatbot speaks many languages, such as Turkish and Arabic. Integration in messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is also possible, so that even more people can efficiently inform themselves. 

 German television rbb Abendschau and Deutsches Ärzteblatt have reported about this project. 

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